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Vision, Mission and Values

        In order to respond to the more and more various requests of a market oriented toward quality, time and costs, BENDKOPP is providing optimal solutions in the field of fasteners and fixing technology. Alongside a comprehensive range of standard and special items, we provide customized services for our clients according to their acquisition needs in order to simplify the ordering and delivery process. At BENDKOPP we place strong emphasis on the customer-oriented approach, and, therefore, we constantly strive to enhance partnerships based first and foremost on cooperation and trust.
        To this effect, we have made up an efficient and professional team, a team that is friendly and very well qualified and will be at your disposal in all the stages of our cooperation, from the reception of orders until delivery. In our field, we can be satisfied only if you are satisfied by the services provided. 
        The sense of quality, flexibility and innovation are the most important elements of the Bendkopp business philosophy. Our purpose is to meet our partners’ needs, to whom we suggest quality products and delivery services of the highest degree, at convenient prices.

Short History

        BENDKOPP was established as a family company in the year 1994 and it is still running as a family company. At the present time it has over 50 employees. Since the beginning for our business partners we are the reliable supplier of screws, bolts, washers, rivets, anchors, and fixing technique.
        With a continuous growth we have grown from a small regional company into an international business. Our service users are all over the country, over 10000 shops and businesses in different industries, served by an extensive distribution network led by the area managers. From 1999 BENDKOPP was assisted by SES organization from Germany, working with the best specialists in the world. The BENDKOPP name, trademark since 2000 is a name respected by customers, suppliers, banks, state institutions and is associated with reliability, deadlines, accuracy, quality and capacity development. In 2006 we implemented a quality management system EN ISO 9001: 2000 which was certified and recertified to ISO 9001:2008 by DEKRA Certification GmbH for the "Trade of fasteners and fastening systems”.
        In 2008 we started the construction of our new headquarters, situated near Cluj-Napoca between Gilau and Capusu-Mare, which opened in the summer of 2009 and includes an office and a warehouse of 2200 m2 with a capacity of 3000 tons of stock.
        In the new conditions after Romania joined the EU, the company received a new boost and managed to successfully meet new challenges and new competitors from the West. The best fiscal year for Bendkopp was 2007 when we reached the peak turnover of 4m euro. To rise to your expectations BENDKOPP currently has the capacity to deliver over 30,000 different items, from which more than 12000 are on stock.


Veres Károly – Managing Director

The Product Range

        Over the years our product range, especially the group of fasteners, was diversified in many industries. Among the main products sold there are fasteners for wood, metal, drilling, metal fabrication, civil-industrial constructions, food, chemical, energy, electrical, petrochemical, gas, and automotive industry.
        Our products:
        • Are made of steel / alloy steel, aluminum, copper, stainless steel
        • Have international standards DIN / ISO / AISI / STAS
        • Have the mechanical characteristics corresponding to each group 4.8-12.9
        • Are covered galvanic or by other chemical methods
        • Are imported or manufactured in the country
        The wide range of products, completed with a stock of goods of about 3000 tons, enables us to meet most orders in given time limits and special orders are honored, imported in 15 days. Besides this group of products we offer our clients a wide range of tools, hand tools, electric-pneumatic-cutting tools, adhesives, sealants, industrial supplies and safety equipment.

        From standard parts to custom fasteners, with all testing and certificates necessary to meet all requirements!

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